Dr. Kim Schrier Mounts Grassroots Campaign to Unseat 8th District Congressman Dave Reichert

Issaquah, WA, August 7, 2017 — Popular pediatrician Dr. Kim Schrier filed the necessary paperwork to formalize her candidacy for Washington State’s 8th congressional seat today. She is taking on endangered incumbent Dave Reichert, who was named a top-tier target of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Dr. Schrier launched her campaign with a video statement to voters (view at http://www.drkimschrier.com).

Dr. Schrier said, “If you had told me a year ago that I’d give up the pediatrics practice that I love and run for Congress, I would have laughed out loud. But the world changed when Donald Trump was elected, and our congressman has gone right along with Trump and the party bosses instead of looking out for the families and small businesses across this district. He’s voting with Trump nearly 90 percent of the time.

“Look at how Reichert handled Trumpcare. He voted ‘yes’ when the first Trumpcare bill was in his committee instead of working to fix it. When Trumpcare was on the House floor and the party bosses had enough “yes” votes, they let him vote “no” to protect himself politically. He played politics with our healthcare.

“What’s worse, though, is Congressman Reichert’s refusal to hold public meetings with constituents and explain his votes. Hundreds of us have gone to town hall meetings to hear from him, and he refuses to show up.

“So, I’m stepping up. I’m not a slick career politician. I’m a pediatrician, a wife and a mom who is worried about where our country is headed and will always fight for families and small businesses trying to succeed across the 8th district. I’ll be a check on Trump when he goes too far. Our campaign is powered by people all over the district who are sick of petty politics getting in the way of doing what’s right, doing what is simple common sense.

“As a pediatrician in Issaquah, I have had the privilege of serving thousands of families in our congressional district over the past 16 years. I am the daughter of an elementary school teacher and an aerospace engineer. I’m the product of public schools all the way through, earning an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics before going on to medical school. I met my husband, David, at our 10-year high school reunion, and we have an 8-year-old son whom we cherish. We fly-fish the Yakima and Cedar rivers, swim in Lake Chelan, and backpack in Snoqualmie National Forest. The whole of the 8th district is our home. And now I’m stepping up to fight for all of us in Congress.”