Kim has had 14 bills signed into law: 6 by Biden, and 8 by Trump

8 bills signed into law by President Trump:

  1. Help home health workers save for retirement
  2. Specialty crop research funding fix
  3. Reliable water supply for WA (Yakima Basin Integrated Plan)
  4. Speed up generic insulin to lower drug costs
  5. No Cost COVID-19 Testing
  6. Help moms and children access critical nutrition services during the pandemic
  7. VACCINES Act to combat misinformation + vaccine hesitancy
  8. Funding for salmon and steelhead passage

6 bills signed into law by President Biden:

  1. Child abuse prevention funding
  2. $35/month boost for WIC fruits and veggies
  3. Improve forest roads and protect waterways
  4. Prevent Medicare Cuts
  5. Digitize public lands maps
  6. Supporting Children’s Mental Health Care Access Act

Delivering for us:

Keeping our communities safe 

Everyone deserves to feel safe in our community. Kim has worked with both parties to secure funding for local police, and to improve training for law enforcement. Kim has gone on ride-alongs with local law enforcement across the district to hear firsthand from officers about the tools they need to keep our communities safe. She has worked on pragmatic ways to improve safety and build trust: broad adoption of body-worn cameras and using expertise from mental health professionals where appropriate. Kim has introduced amendments in Congress to give local departments the resources to fund these initiatives, and has pushed for Congress to pass the Invest to Protect Act, a bipartisan bill that would bring resources and training to departments with fewer than 200 officers. 

Kim is also working to secure $2 million in federal funding to bring body cameras and crisis response teams to the King County Sheriff’s Office, to protect officers and the community.


Fighting for Reproductive Rights

Kim is the only pro-choice woman doctor in Congress and the only candidate in this race who will protect a woman’s right to choose. Some DC politicians now want to ban all abortions with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother. A national ban would override protections even for women here in Washington state. As a doctor, Kim knows that these deeply personal medical decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor. In Congress, Kim has voted for the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade and protect a woman’s right to choose. 

Kim also recently introduced the Let Doctors Provide Reproductive Health Care Act, which would protect healthcare providers who are safely performing abortions amid the attacks on doctors across the country by Republican legislatures. 


Bringing down the cost of prescription drugs 

Kim has worked to get bills passed into law that actually bring down the cost of prescription drugs. She introduced a bill, signed into law by President Trump, to speed up getting generic insulin to market, to bring down costs. Kim has stood up to price gouging by prescription drug companies, and voted to finally give Medicare the power to negotiate prescription drug costs and cap insulin at $35/month for seniors.


Bringing down healthcare costs

Kim is the first and only pediatrician in Congress, and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 16 years old. Both as a patient and a community pediatrician for nearly 20 years, she knows how important it is to make health care, along with other everyday costs, more affordable for middle class families. She has worked to get bills passed into law to end surprise medical billing, prevent Medicare cuts, and make healthcare more affordable by shoring up the ACA. She has taken on the Biden Administration to ensure that our veterans receive the quality healthcare they have earned, and deserve.


Lowering costs and cracking down on price gouging 

Bipartisan Ocean Shipping Reform Act

Combats supply chain issues by investigating ocean carriers’ unfair business practices and prohibiting shipping companies or terminal operators from unreasonably refusing cargo space when it’s available. This law protects 8th district farmers by cracking down on shipping companies leaving our ports with empty containers. The Ocean Shipping Reform Act passed the House with bipartisan support and has been signed into law by the President. 


Easing congestion at the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma with Pop-up Container Yards

Helped secure a 49-acre site that accepts dry agricultural or refrigerated containers for temporary storage to combat the nearly 30% decline in agricultural exports caused by unreliable shipping companies, excessive holding fees, and severe back ups at the ports.

Oil and Gas Price Gouging Bill

Kim’s bill, The Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, passed the House earlier this year. It prohibits oil and gas companies from increasing gasoline and home energy fuel prices in an excessive or exploitative way, and gives the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) the ability to crack down on price gouging to protect customers.

Gas Prices Relief Act

Introduced a bill to temporarily suspend the federal gas tax to provide Washingtonians with urgently-needed relief from high gas prices.

Inflation Reduction Act

Invests in clean energy to create jobs and cut costs for families and small businesses. Brings financial relief to families experiencing these rising costs by finally making sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share of taxes, without raising taxes on middle class families.


Projects brought back to the 8th District

Apple Capital Loop Project in Wenatchee 11-mile loop to focus on safety, wildfires, exporting, and farmers

Secured federal and state funding for the Apple Capital Loop project, a network of projects completing an 11-mile loop that serves as the backbone for highway, transit, and active modes of transportation in Wenatchee.


Howard Hanson Dam Project for fish passage in along the Green River Flood risk management and reopening of salmon and steelhead habitat

Secured federal funding to maintain flood risk management, increase municipal and industrial water supply to Tacoma Public Utility, and reopen miles of critical salmon and steelhead habitat, for the long-needed downstream fish passage at the Howard Hanson Dam.


Highway 18 infrastructure project Interchange improvement and road widening 

Secured federal funding for the Highway 18 improvements and widening, improving traffic and safety for travelers, and access for emergency vehicles to a critical roadway in the district. 


Chelan County Broadband Expansion providing high-speed broadband in Entiat

This project will provide fiber-based broadband and 4G telecommunication services to areas with limited or no access to high-speed broadband or cellular coverage. It is anticipated that up to 220 homes will be served by the system; 500 homes are technically eligible for service. 


Friends in Service to Humanity Food Bank expanding foodbank warehouse in Ellensburg

Kittitas County’s FISH Food Bank currently distributes more than 1 million pounds of food to five food pantries in the area. The funds from this project will help construct a larger warehouse for more efficient storage and distribution of food for the growing number of families who rely on FISH.


Senior Hub Facility Improvement safety and accessibility improvements in Enumclaw

The South East Rural Senior HUB/Enumclaw Senior Center provides vital services to South Eastern King County’s growing aging population. This grant will allow the program to make needed physical structure and safety improvements to better meet the needs of clients including Earthquake Structural improvements, replacement of outdated window glass, and safe and ADA accessible entry/exits.


A PLACE 4 ALICE affordable housing improvements in Leavenworth

The funding would be used for affordable housing through a land trust designation. These funds will also support the construction or rehabilitation of a playground, sports fields and a pool and support the development of a youth pilot program for construction apprenticeship.


Fuels Reduction Project forest health improvement and wildfire threat reduction, in Roslyn

This project will implement an innovative new approach to reducing the threat of catastrophic wildfire and to improve forest health through activities including thinning and mastication, prescribed burning, prescribed fire workforce development, and the implementation of a chipper program.


Snoqualmie Valley Trail Channel Widening and Wetland Creation/Enhancement improving stormwater drainage for flood reduction, North Bend, WA

The project will improve the infrastructure in place by widening and realigning a stormwater drainage area that often backs up during storms. Preventing these overflows will improve wetlands health and decrease flooding downstream. 


Renewable Natural Gas Conversion and Methane Gas Recovery at the Wastewater Treatment Facility making excess biogas a renewable resource, Ellensburg, WA

The City of Ellensburg will use the funds from this project to purchase the necessary equipment to upgrade the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility. The facility will capture biogas via generators and then use a scrubbing process to remove any contaminants and create a renewable resource called Renewable Natural Gas, protecting our air while offsetting the use of fossil fuels. 


Sammamish Plateau Water PFAS Treatment Plant upgrades removing chemicals from wells to provide safe drinking water in Sammamish

The Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District received funding to construct a water treatment plant to remove PFAS, a chemical that can pose health risks, from its wells so that its customers will have safe drinking water. 


Bethel School District school-based health clinic in Graham

Funding will be used to construct a school-based health clinic on the Graham-Kapowsin High School campus, which is co-located with a middle and elementary school. This clinic will serve all students, staff, and families at the schools. The proposed facility will be operated by a community organization that provides education and wellness services, including dental care.


Auburn Consolidated Resource Center creating a facility to provide health services in Auburn

The funding will be used for the design and construction of the Consolidated Resource Center to build out facilities to provide health, dental, mental health, and substance abuse services to low-income residents.