Dr. Kim Schrier on President Donald Trump’s Latest Comments Defending White Supremacist Terrorism

Issaquah, WA – “There is no place in our country for white nationalism, neo-Nazism, white supremacy or whatever term we choose to describe these despicable groups and their disregard for, and violence against, others based on religion, ethnicity, or race. I am appalled that the President of the United States would defend the actions of hate groups by blaming counter-protesters.

Make no mistake. One group came out with torches, sticks, and guns prepared to fight. The other came to resist bigotry and stand up for the fundamental American principles of equality, justice, and humanity.

For too long congressional Republicans like Dave Reichert have aided and abetted Donald Trump’s extremist tendencies by remaining silent or carefully constructing political statements to avoid calling it what it is. I am calling on Congressman Reichert to denounce in the strongest terms the actions of white supremacists and Donald Trump for his latest comments defending their violence.

I unequivocally condemn the rhetoric and behavior of these white nationalist groups and hope that the rest of this country – regardless of party affiliation – can come together and find a path forward in peace, reject bigotry and hate, and honor the humanity of others.”