Dr. Kim Schrier Pledges to Reject Corporate PAC Money, Reports Strong Q1 Fundraising

Schrier leads the Democratic field with $1.078 million raised, fueled by small-dollar donations

Issaquah, WA, April 16, 2018—Dr. Kim Schrier today promised to not accept corporate PAC support in her race for Washington’s 8th Congressional District. Schrier holds a significant fundraising lead among Democrats, surpassing her next two Democratic competitors combined. In Q1 2018 Schrier raised $483,879, bringing her total contributions to $1,077,951 without taking a dime of corporate money.

Schrier’s campaign is fueled by small-dollar donations, with over 90 percent of contributions coming from donations less than $250. In stark contrast, Schrier’s Republican opponent Dino Rossi received tens of thousands of dollars from corporate PACs in his first four months of fundraising.

“There is absolutely too much money in American politics today, and it’s hurting our entire system,” said Dr. Schrier. “We will never have a government that works for everyone until we reduce the influence of corporate interests in our politics. This pledge marks just the beginning of the work I plan to do in Congress to limit the influence of corporate money in politics.”

Schrier continued, “I remain focused on building excitement and energy within the district. Today’s fundraising announcement showcases the momentum behind my candidacy, and serves as a proof point that grassroots support can power a campaign. Voters in the 8th district want a fresh voice and new perspective, not retread career politicians who will add to the gridlock and dysfunction we see in Congress.”