Dr. Kim Schrier For Congress Releases New Ad “Words”

ISSAQUAH, WA – Dr. Kim Schrier for Congress has released a new TV ad, “Words,” highlighting Matt Larkin’s extreme opposition to a woman’s right to choose in his own words.

Larkin said “I don’t believe in the exceptions for rape and incest or things like that.” When it came to a national abortion ban, Larkin also said “I can see a strong conservative congress putting forward that vote to ban it nationally.”

Despite the majority of Washington state voters supporting a woman’s right to choose, Matt Larkin has proved that he would be a reliable vote to ban abortion nationwide without exceptions in Congress.

“The stakes are too high to risk electing someone so out of step with the 8th Congressional District,” said Dr. Kim Schrier. “With Republicans in D.C. already considering a nationwide ban on abortion that would affect women right here in Washington state, we can’t afford to send an anti-choice extremist like Matt Larkin to Congress.”