I’ve worked in the healthcare system every day of my career, and while we can provide excellent care, it comes at an alarmingly high price. I see patients who have insurance but still have tremendous out-of-pocket costs that can make a visit to the doctor or a prescription drug prohibitively expensive. As a pediatrician and a person living with type 1 diabetes, I bring knowledge and first-hand experience in what is wrong with our health care system and will work towards the most effective solutions for our district and our nation. The first step must be to stabilize the health insurance markets and the state health exchanges under the ACA.

  • I will push for accessible, affordable, and excellent healthcare for every American for life.
  • I will work to bring medication costs down while still respecting the fact that pharmaceutical companies need an incentive to pursue novel drug development. There needs to be a balance.
  • I will push to invest in preventative care to reduce the epidemic of untreated chronic diseases that lead to expensive medical interventions down the line, costing us all.
  • I will push to let all Americans buy into Medicare on a sliding scale. Average insurance company overhead is currently estimated to be 20%, while Medicare overhead is estimated to be only 1.8%. The competition will incentivize private insurance companies to offer plans as efficient and beneficial to consumers as Medicare.